It's late at night in Bucharest, Romania. In the wake of a national tragedy that befell the country on October 30th, 2015, a chambermaid has to juggle petty family squabbles, leaving her no time for rest. Concerned for the safety of her employer's son, she tries to get her mind off things by completing simple chores, only to repeatedly get roped into the selfish needs of her boss.
A contribution to Romania's Nouvelle Vague, INTR-O NOAPTE DUPA 30 OCT. is a return to roots for the Zaciu's; their first high-profile project directed back in their home country. Starring industry stalwarts Adrian Titieni and Aura Calarasu, their film depicts a microcosm of Romanian society through a single tenement building, evoking the stylings of Ingmar Bergman's SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE, Edward Yang's YI YI, and Cristi Puiu's SIERANEVADA.
Official Selection at the 2018 Guanajuato Film Festival.
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